BeES_Best Emotional Shots is a change of perspective on our home, symbolically our Interior space, to provide creativity to the “suspended” and “imprisoned” time within the four walls.

It entails looking and photographing with the serious or ironic gaze of an artist spaces, people, situations, environments, but also microscopic details of your home, as if you were on a new journey, with a new look, in an area never really observed in its hidden potential.

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Activate your Resilience

Every smallest corner can tell wonders in this new vision of a microcosm to discover.

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Best Emotional Shots

Floriana Cannatelli

A metaphysical switch has been placed in the OFF position. Time is suspended. The space we perceived as multidimensional and without borders has become now the narrow fence of the walls of our home.
The mind wonders restless and impatient on the web, the only possible channel of exchange, while the body is blocked, forced to be immobilized in order to survive. This “freezing” of usual functions and activities can be a distressing prison, or an undiscovered opportunity for rebirth. The key issue now is to work through fear and activate our resilience, not only to continue, but to go BEYOND.

The BeES project suggests a change of perspective, to provide the “imprisoned” time with creative freedom, to feel contained and not blocked, and to be grateful for the fortune of having a home as protection, which is not to be taken for granted.

The opportunity now is to change the lens and switch from wide angle to macro lens and be able to scrutinize in depth and in detail the space that is still “ours”. The home, symbolically, is an interior space and its exploration represents a great opportunity for a change in scale, for moving from “outside” to “inside”, for a reinterpretation of one’s self, potentials, talents, borders, and ghosts, too.

The proposal is to take photos of spaces, people, situations, environments, but also microscopic details of one’s habitat, as if one were taking a new journey, with new lenses and with a new look, on a path always beaten but never really observed in its hidden potential.

And above all, never with the awareness of this particular moment.

Every smallest corner can tell wonders in this new vision of a microcosm to discover.

Every little detail can become a work of art, a piece of a gigantic puzzle that on a larger scale symbolizes our meticulous and loving internal reconstruction.

It entails looking and photographing with the serious or ironic gaze of an artist the space that we could perceive as a prison, before seeing its potential for protection and creative rebirth. A nest that offers a soft and dilated time to reinvent yourself, and to caress your dreams and your own Soul.

A project that can become “brightly viral”, taking the form of a collection of photos, sketches and videos, texts and poems, as the future memory of our “point zero”, the moment in which we change our gaze upon our life.

I was born in Rome, where I currently live, and I am an architect.
At Sapienza University in Rome, I earned a Master’s in Design and Management, and a Ph.D. in Industrial Design, with a focus on product design and technology.
In my profession, I take care of Interior Design and Lighting Design. I am both a freelancer and a passionate and enthusiastic professor.
Since 2001 I have been teaching at the IED Rome (European Institute of Design) Color Theory, Material Technology, Perception Theory and Psychology of Form; since 2004 I have coordinated the organization of the Master in Lighting Design at Sapienza University; since 2012 I have been teaching at RUFA (Rome University of Fine Arts) courses on Product Design and Materials Technology, and since 2017 I’ve been teaching Theory of Perception and Psychology of Form at SNU (Sichuan Normal University) in Chengdu (China), as part of the Cooperation Project IED – SNU
Other teaching experiences include the “Degree in Industrial Design” at Sapienza University, courses at the University of Camerino, and at Quasar University.

Over the years, I carried out research on Archetypes through the study of the Tarot de Marseille and Astrology, which holds an important place in my life.

The paragliding experience, a parenthesis that I will always carry in my heart, continues to make me look for “the thrill of flying” in all important things.